Portfolios and Additional Analysis

Bloomberg Tax includes Tax Management Portfolios for Federal, State, Accounting, and International Topics. Tax Practice Series covers every major federal tax topic. Additional analysis includes Treatises, Federal Tax Guide, and more. See Print an Entire Portfolio for information on obtaining a hard copy of an entire Portfolio.

View the following 1.6 minute video to learn about Navigating through Portfolios.

Bloomberg Tax Portfolios

Tax Management Portfolios are written by leading tax practitioners and cover virtually every tax topic with deep analysis, real world examples, working papers, and the perspectives you need to make informed decisions.

Find Portfolios for all Practice Areas in the Expert Analysis frames. The broad subject areas are:


  • U.S. Income Portfolios Library
    • Income Tax Accounting
    • C Corporations
    • Compensation Planning
    • Corporate Returns and Computation of Tax
    • Income, Deductions, Credits and Computation of Tax
    • Natural Resources
    • Other Pass-through Entities
    • Procedure and Administration
    • Partnerships
    • Real Estate
  • Accounting for Income Tax
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts
  • U.S. International


  • State Tax Portfolios Library
  • Sales & Use Tax Portfolios Library


  • Foreign Income Portfolios
  • U.S. International Portfolios Library
  • Country Portfolios Library

To use Portfolios, menu-walk through the content by clicking the plus signs plus.

To search within a Portfolio, select the Portfolio title and enter your search term in the text box. [Enter] or click the Search button search.


To share a Portfolio section, click the Save for Later icon IconSaveforLater or the Document Tools to display the Print/Download, Email and Save Document to Workspace icons. Click the appropriate icon to share the Portfolio section.


To print an entire Portfolioopen in new window, click the Print/Download iconIconPrintDownload and select Download the entire Portfolio in the Download dialog box.


To print an entire Portfolio, open to any section of a Portfolio.

Click the Print/Download icon  IconPrintDownload.


The option to print the entire Portfolio displays on the Download screen.

After you click on that icon the following modal will appear and the last radio button is what you will select to print the entire portfolio. That will start the download process and you will see it appear in Rich Text Format.

Select Download the entire Portfolio... and click DOWNLOAD.


Tax Practice Series

The Tax Practice Series is a federal tax library that covers the full spectrum of federal tax, organized within 300 chapters that include expert-written analysis, examples and practice tools. Written by leading federal tax authorities, the Tax Practice Series covers virtually every taxation topic, from gross income and deductions to S Corporations, exempt organizations, and foreign taxation.



Bloomberg Tax includes additional insight with book and treatise titles including Family Wealth Transition Planning (Wiley), Getting the Deal Through, and Section 409A Handbook and more.

Click Books and Treatises in the Expert Analysis frame and display the list of available books and treatises. Click a title to view the text.

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Federal Excise Tax Navigator

Find the Federal Excise Tax Navigator on the Federal Expert Analysis frame.


The Federal Excise Tax Navigator is arranged topically, provides an explanation of the tax and provides linked citations for Excise Tax legislation and IRS Documents.


Health Care Reform Adviser

The Health Care Reform Adviser compiles the relevant Expert Analysis, Practice Tools and State Law Summaries in one easily accessible location.

Link to the Health Care Reform Adviser from the Expert Analysis frame on the Federal tab.



IRS Practice Adviser

Use the IRS Practice Adviser for information about the Internal Revenue Service including: Audits, Appeals, Partnership Audits, Assessment, Refunds, Interest, Penalties, Collection, and Tax Litigation. The Adviser also includes topic and I.R.C. indices.

Link to the IRS Practice Adviser from the Expert Analysis frame on the Federal tab.